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OD180 is dedicated to advancing the mission effectiveness and financial stability of membership, community, and faith-based nonprofit organizations through training, assessment, and planning services.


When a nonprofit thrives, it might be described this way….

The organization is passionately committed to fulfilling its stated mission and realizing its vision while also remaining true to its core values. Its board of directors fully understands and embraces its collective role as guardian of a public trust. As a body, the board focuses its attention on the large questions of policy, direction, and impact. At the same time, individual directors function variously as stewards, sponsors, ambassadors, and advisors.

The management is both visionary and practical. They consistently seek to move the organization forward in a manner that is both strategically astute and fiscally prudent. They are diligent about regularly reviewing operations with a view to increasing both efficiency and effectiveness. They too see themselves as stewards of the resources entrusted to them.

Integral to the approach of both the board and the management is a deep respect for the people who “make it all happen” – staff members, volunteers, donors, allies, and others. No one’s contribution is taken for granted; a culture of appreciation is actively cultivated.

This positive culture of accountability and appreciation spills outward, resulting in favorable public visibility. Not taking its reputation for granted however, the organization communicates and interacts with its constituencies in a manner that is timely, forthright, and engaging. As a result, donors and volunteers are exceptionally loyal and allies and collaborators are steadfast.

This is the vision that OD180 seeks to realize through its collaborations.


David Norgard’s experience with all sorts and sizes of nonprofits has led him to believe that these values are critical to organizational vitality.  He strives to apply them to every situation in which he is involved.