going our way?


OD180 Consulting is interested in your long-term success.  If you have a question or concern once a project is completed, you are welcome to contact OD180 and David Norgard will gladly assist you.  Whether it is a question about how to bring the insights of a training session to a new board member or a need for clarification about a strategic plan’s roll-out, OD180 is available to you as an ongoing resource.  It’s another way you can count on David to be thorough. 

Some clients find it helpful to retain David as counsel during the first phase of a plan’s implementation (strategic plan, resource development plan, or board development plan).  Others choose to engage him for additional, advanced board training following an initial “basic” training session.  Such follow-up services are easily arranged through a supplemental service agreement and have proven to be a worthwhile investment for many OD180 clients.  These arrangements are another way that David helps clients attend to their organizational development objectives methodically and consistently.