going our way?


David Norgard has a long record of accomplishment working with faith communities and is intimately familiar with the special challenges they face with respect to organization development. In response to these challenges, he has developed special services oriented specifically to faith communities such as religious societies, churches, fellowships, and other formally organized faith-based groups.

Faith communities are at once both organizations and communities. They are formed and sustained by a network of personal relationships among people who share a particular worldview and accompanying set of values. At the same time, they are also entities with real estate and bank accounts, personnel and volunteers, governing bodies and multiple constituencies. These realities can complement each other, creating synergy and the potential for great things. Alternatively, they can conflict with each other, creating tension and the danger of stagnation and decline.

To this environment, rich with possibility and vulnerability, David brings a perspective that is steeped in both personal involvement with faith communities and professional engagement in helping them turn in a new direction. He has assisted many to move away from deterioration and toward renewal – a turn of as much as 180 degrees.

Projects have varied as widely as the communities undertaking them. The method of approach, however, is consistent, guided by OD180’s stated values of constancy in purpose with flexibility in method, honesty in communication with creativity in expression, and courage of commitment with generosity of spirit.

Types of Special Projects