going our way?


It’s easy to get started.  Contact David Norgard and let him know the general nature of your inquiry.  He will schedule a follow-up conversation with you to learn more about what you want to accomplish.  There is no charge for this initial meeting or teleconference.

David will then prepare a proposal for you to review that outlines both a process by which to address the issues raised and the anticipated results.  It will contain specifics about what reports will be provided and meetings facilitated.  It will also describe the commitments that the client organization needs to make in order for the project to be fully successful.

Lasting, substantive change begins with a genuine commitment to it on the part of an organization’s leadership.  With OD180 Consulting, nonprofits have a diligent and skilled partner who knows that quick or superficial fixes are hardly ever worth the investment.  Enduring results require a comprehensive approach…which is where OD180 excels.


Every project is different because every organization is unique.  Nonetheless, past projects provide some general guidelines about what can be expected.  Strategic planning normally requires six to nine months, depending on the size and complexity of the organization; development planning, three to six months.  Conducting board training and preparing a board development plan is usually completed in approximately three months.


Most projects undertaken by OD180 Consulting involve both board and senior staff significantly.  The nature of the project may dictate that others be involved as well, such as volunteers, donors, advisors, and other constituents.


All OD180 service agreements establish a fee for the entire project at the outset and delineate any additional expenses to be reimbursed.  So there are never any surprises about costs.

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