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Besides the OD180 Consulting specialties described elsewhere, David Norgard works with nonprofit leaders on other types of projects as well, providing customized assessment, planning, and training services to address a wide variety of presenting issues.

These issues are often complex, involving multiple functions and areas of an organization.  Consequently, the best course of action is not always readily apparent.   A management issue may have development implications, for instance; a governance question may have major ramifications for management.

To these knotty situations, David brings a perspective that is fresh and independent while also informed by years of experience in and reflection on the challenges faced by leaders in the nonprofit sector.  More specifically, he brings an understanding of the nonprofit as a system with four equally important and inter-related functions (program/purpose, resource development, administration, and governance).

Particular interventions vary as widely as the presenting circumstances and their organizations.  The method of approach, however, is consistent, guided by OD180’s stated values of constancy in purpose with flexibility in method, honesty in communication with creativity in expression, and courage of commitment with generosity of spirit.

Types of Special Projects